Dinner Menu


Appetizers: Yobo Tidbits for two  10.95  Crab Rangoon  7.25  Glazed Bbq Ribs  9.50  Zuma Shrimp 7.25  Egg Roll (our very own)  6.95 Vegetable Roll 6.95  Canton Calamari with wasabi cilantro salts  7.95  Thai Coconut Curry Mussels  9.50  Thai Spring Rolls  6.95  

Cold Appetizers:  Sesame Noodles   7.25 Cold Tofu   6.95  Kimchi (Spicy) 4.95  Yobo Salad   4.75

Kushiyaki (Japanese BBQ Sauce) & Sate (Indonesian Peanut Sauce) SkewersChicken  6.95  Shrimp  7.25  Beef  6.95  Chicken,Shrimp & Beef  7.25  Negimaki  7.25

Dimsum:  Har Gow (shrimp)  5.95  Siu Mai (pork)  5.50   Yayo Mai (beef)  5.50  Gai Ha Mai (chicken&shrimp)  5.50  Cho Chi Bao (Roast pork bun )  5.95  Ling Yung (sweet lotus bun)   5.50

Soups:  Clear Japanese  4.50   Miso  5.00   Wonton 5.00  Hot n’ Sour  5.00   Egg Flower  4.50 

Japanese Grill:  Yobo Special 18.50  Hibatchi Steak  25.95 Hibatchi Chicken 18.00  Bulgogi  19.95 Hibatchi Salmon 18.95  Korean Barbecue  23.95  Japanese Grilled Shrimp 16.95  Ginza Special  25.95

Tempura Bar: Tempura Shrimp  & Vegetables  15.50  Chicken Katsu & Tempura  16.00  Grilled Steak &Tempura Shrimp  24.95

Seafood:   Shang Hai Seafood Pot  16.50  Thai Firecracker Seafood  16.50  Peking Shrimp  16.95  Shrimp Hunan  15.00  Cantonese Steamed Salmon  16.50   Happy Family  14.95  Crispy Whole Red Snapper (Choice of sauce: Peking, Black Bean, or Spicy Szechuan) M.P.  Rica Rica Flounder (crispy) Served with wasabi sweet potato  16.00  Wasabi Lemon Shrimp  16.95 Thai Curry Shrimp & Chicken  16.50  Peking Shrimp  16.95  Cantonese Treasure Nest  16.50   Yobo Lobster (Whole steamed lobster with served with little neck clams and shrimp. Served with fresh Canton noodles.  Your choice of:  Spicy Szechuan , Black Bean or Peking)  M.P.

Poultry:  Sesame Chicken (Created by Yobo. Honey seared sliced chicken breast tossed with sesame seed Served with steamed broccoli)  15.00  Spicy Nutty Chicken  14.95  Orange Duck  15.95  Sai Woo Duck  15.95  Peking Duck (one of our specialities)  M.P

Beef: Orange Beef Honey seared sliced beef with fresh orange and spicy chili  16.00 Szechuan Beef  (little spicy)  14.00  Shang Hai Filet Mignon Served with wasabi sweet potato  19.95  Sa Cha Filet Mignon  19.95  Four Mushroom Steak (NY Strip)  18.95

Pork: Crispy Ginger Pork with pickled ginger and kimchee  14.95  Mandarin Pork  14.00  Roast Pork Hunan (Spicy)  14.50

Over Fresh Noodles:  (Choice of egg or spinach noodles)  Szechuan Seafood  16.95  Hunan Six Stars 16.50  Canton Shrimp & Basil  16.95  Drunken Shrimp &Chicken  16.50  Chap Chae (Korean)  150.00  Pad Thai  13.95

Vegetarian Entrees: Spicy Kimchi & Tofu  14.50  Moo Shoo Vegetables  Served with four pancakes and Hoisin  14.00  Buddha’s Nest  Mixed vegetables Cantonese   15.50  Happy Noodles  Mixed vegetables sautéed with fresh noodles.  13.50  Tofu with Vegetables  Cantonese,  Szechuan or Thai Coconut Curry Sauce 16.25  Steamed Vegetables  served with Japanese Lemon and Indonesian Sate’ dipping sauces  14.00

Side Orders: Orange Glazed Portobello  7.95  Canton Noodles & Fried Rice  Shrimp  8.95  Vegetable  7.95  Chicken, Beef or Pork  8.00  Yobo Mix Rice  8.95  Thai Spicy Rice  8.50  Wasabi Sweet Potatoes  6.50  Szechuan Broccoli  7.95  Snow Peas  7.95

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