Seasonal Specials

Seasonal Specials

Sushi Lovers….a special selection for two with mango shrimp inari…$50

Appetizers: Pumpkin Soup   6.95  Yummy Edamame steamed soy bean pods tossed with crispy garlic and green chili.  7.00    Sun Set Roll Spicy seared tuna, apple with mango sauce wrapped with green soy paper  10.95

Entrees:  Red Curry Beef  Sliced beef tossed with our home grown tomatoes, Hudson Valley apples, onions and diced potato.  15.95  Hong Kong Noodles Shrimp, boneless chicken, roast pork, sliced beef and mixed vegetables tossed with thin Hong Kong noodles  16.50 Hunan Lamb Sliced lamb tossed with sweet onions, snow peas, broccoli, sweet peppers and dried chili peppers sautéed in a tasty Hunan Sauce. Served over fresh noodles. 16.95