Seasonal Specials

Seasonal Specials

Sushi: Sunrise Roll an exhilarating combination of maguro tuna , tamago, avocado and mango sauce wrapped in green tea soy paper.   Rock ‘n’ Sushi Spicy Tuna, Salmon  and Crab Stick wrapped in Avocado,Tobiko and Mango Yuzu (Riceless)  Spicy Salsa Roll Tempura dipped avocado roll topped with spicy salsa(a great vegan option)

Entrees: Thai Mango Chili Fresh Pineapple, Jicima and Peppers sauteed in a light Citrus Mango Chili sauce.  White Chicken, Tofu or Shrimp and Sea scallops.  XinJiang Lamb (Northern China Dry Spice stir fry) This wildly popular lamb is a flavor match made in heaven.  Toasted cumin, sliced lamb Sichuan peppers and cilantro.  Steamed Fish and Tofu with scallions and ginger topped with a dash of Asia’s Imperial Chili sauce.  Dragon Lobster Served Cantonese style over fresh noodles.