Yobo Inside, Outside, Curbside or Grub Hub Delivery

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Hours: Tuesday 11:30 – 9:30pm Wednesday – Saturday 11:30 – 10 Sunday 11:30-9:30

Inside, Outside, GrubHub or Curbside


Thai Spring Roll and Egg Roll

Yobo Tidbits    10.95

Crab Rangoon    8.95

Glazed Bbq Ribs    10.95 

Zuma Shrimp    7.50

Egg Roll (our very own)    7.95

Vegetable Roll    7.95

Canton Calamari with Wasabi cilantro salts    9.50

Thai Coconut Curry Mussels    10.95

Thai Spring Rolls    7.95


Cold Appetizers:

Sesame Noodles    8.95

Soft Tofu    7.50

Yobo Salad    4.95

Shrimp Kushiyaki

Kushiyaki (Japanese BBQ) & Sate (Indonesian Peanut Sauce) BBQ Skewers:

Chicken (3)  6.95

Beef (3 )  6.95

Shrimp (2)  7.25

Combination Chicken, Beef & Shrimp 7.25

Negimaki ( Kushiyaki thin sliced Beef wrapped around green onion)   7.25

Gai Ha Mai


Siu Mai (Pork)  5.50

Ya Yo Mai (Beef)  5.50

Gai Ha Mai (Chicken & Shrimp)  5.50

Ling Yung (Steamed Lotus Bun)  5.50

Cho Chi Bao (Roast Pork Bun)  6.50

Wonton Soup


Clear                4.50

Miso                 5.00

Wonton          5.00

Hot ‘n’ Sour   5.00

Egg Flower    4.50


Yobo Special

Japanese Grill

Yobo Special 18.95

NY Strip Steak 28.95

Boneless Chicken 18.50

Japanese Grilled Salmon 18.95

Bulgogi Korean Style marinated NY Strip steak with Kimchi & Vegetables 24.50

Korean Barbecue Marinated then grilled white Chicken and NY Strip Steak 29.95

Ginza Special Grilled NY Strip Steak, Panko Dipped Chicken and Tempura Dipped Vegetables 29.95

Treasure Nest


Shang Hai Seafood Pot 18.50

Thai Firecracker Seafood 16.95

Crispy Jumbo Shrimp Wasabi Lemon Sauce or Peking 18.50

Shrimp with mixed vegetables Your choice of sauce: Cantonese (Ginger & Scallion) , Thai Coconut Curry, or Spicy Hunan 16.95

Cantonese Steamed Salmon 16.95

Crispy Rica Rica Flounder Spicy Indonesian style with chopped tomato & green onion. Served with Wasabi Sweet Potato 16.95

Treasure Nest Sea scallops, little neck clams, PEI mussles, & jumbo shrimp sauteed with mixed vegetables. Light Cantonese or Spicy Hunan 17.50

Sesame Chicken


Sesame Chicken crispy white chicken. 16.50

Spicy Nutty Chcken 16.50

Pressed Duck Mandarin Orange or Sai Woo with snow peas and napa 16.95

Beef & Pork

Orange Beef Honey seared sliced beef with fresh orange and spicy chili 17.50

Szechuan Beef (little spicy) Beef strips wokked with carrot and bamboo strings 16.00

Sa Cha Filet Mignon with vegetables in Sa Cha gravy. Served with Taro chips. 25.95

Shang Hai Filet Mignon with portobello, black and straw mushrooms. Served with wasabi sweet potato 25.95

Crispy Ginger Pork with pickled ginger and kimchi 16.50

Mandarin Pork with Cantonese Crepes and Hoisin sauce. 14.50

Roast Pork Hunan (Spicy) 15.95

Asian Noodles

Szechuan Seafood 17.95

Hunan Six Stars 16.95

Drunken Shrimp &Chicken 17.95

Chap Chae (Korean) 15.50

Pad Thai 13.95

Vegetarian Entrees

Spicy Kimchi & Tofu 15.00

Moo Shoo Vegetables Served with four pancakes and Hoisin 14.00

Buddha’s Nest Mixed vegetables Cantonese 16.00

Happy Noodles Mixed vegetables with fresh noodles. 13.95

Tofu with Vegetables Cantonese, Szechuan or Thai Coconut Curry Sauce 16.25

Steamed Vegetables served with Japanese Lemon and Indonesian Sate’ dipping sauces 15.00


Orange Glazed Portobello 7.95

Canton Noodles & Fried Rice Shrimp 9.95 Vegetable 7.95 Chicken, Beef or Pork 8.95 Yobo Mix Rice 9.25

Thai Spicy Rice 8.95

Wasabi Sweet Potatoes 6.50

Szechuan Broccoli 7.95

Snow Peas 8.95


Chocolate Mousse 7.95

Cheese Cake with fresh Raspberry 7.95

Chocolate Peanut Butter Explosion 7.95

Carrot Cake 7.95


Sushi Boat

Sushi or Sashimi

(2 pieces per order)

Tuna 6.00

Spicy BBQ Tuna 6.00

White Tuna 6.00

Yellow Tail 6.00

Fluke 5.95

Salmon 5.50

Jumbo Shrimp 5.95

Inari (tofu) 5.50

Crab Stick 5.00

Unagi (sea eel) 6.95

Sea Scallops 6.95

Tako (octopus) 5.95

Tamago 4.50

Inside out add .75

Sushi Tower

Sushi Tower
A delicious stack of Tuna, Avocado, and Kani $10.95

Makis (Rolls cut into 8 pieces)

Tekkamaki 6.00

Spicy Tuna Maki 6.50

California Roll 4.95

Salmon Maki 5.95

Crunchy Spicy Tuna Maki 6.95

Salmon & Asparagus 6.50

Delimaki 6.50
Salmon & cream cheese

Yellow Tail Maki 6.00

Spicy Yellow Tail Maki 6.50

Unagimaki 7.95

Tempuramaki 6.50

Crispy Sweet Potato 6.50

Kirby Cucumber 4.95

Avocado 5.00

Kimchi Maki 4.50

Oshinkomaki 4.50

Buddha Maki 5.95
Dried fruit, nuts and avocado.,coconut outside

Add a filling:
Avocado Cucumber Mozzarella Cream Cheese
Tamago Jalapeno Scallion Crunchy (.50 each)

Lunch Specials


Monday to Friday 11:30am – 3pm

Clear Japanese 3.25
Miso                       3.25
Wonton                3.25
Hot n’ Sour         3.25
Egg Flower         3.25

Baos or Tacos
2 Tasty Asian Sandwich Buns or 3 Tacos with Sweet Soy  and  Spicy Sirachi .
Crispy Katsu White Chicken      7.95
Crispy Tempura Shrimp             8.95
Korean Grilled Beef                    8.95

Ramen or Udon Soup

Ramen or Udon Noodle Soup       $8.95
Broth: Miso, Spicy kimchi, or  Spicy Thai Coconut Curry
Add :Tofu ($1), Beef ($2), Chicken ($2)  Shrimp ($3) Pork ($2) Extra Noodles ($1)  Clams  ($2)  Crab Rangoon ($3) Crab Stick ($3)  Tempura Shrimp ($3)

Luncheon Salads 
Peking Duck  with Salad  GF  9.95
Chicken Sate with Soba and Salad  9.25

Chicken Kushiyaki Lunch Box

Lunch Boxes (Sorry not for Carry Out)
Served with Soup, Crispy Tempura Vegetables, Salad  & Rice

Tempura Shrimp                                              10.50
Katsu Chicken                                                  10.50
Combo Kushiyaki or Sate Skewers                    9.95
Sushi Lunch Box GF                                       11.95
Maki Lunch Box  GF                                        11.95

Sushi Specials
Sushi Lunch            10.95
Maki Lunch              9.95
Sashimi Lunch        11.95
Sushi & Salad          10.95

Foo Yung Our own fluffy version of this classic
Cantonese omelette. Roast Pork or Shrimp  8.95

Wok Bowls
Served  over Steamed Rice or over Fresh Noodles.
Canton Shrimp and Snow Peas  GF         9.25
Shrimp, Chicken & fresh vegetables       9.25
Black Pepper sea scallops &Beef            11.50
Tofu & vegetables   Cantonese GF,         8.95
Thai Curry  GF  or Spicy Hunan
Spicy Peking shrimp, chicken & peanuts  9.25
Thai coconut curry Beef or Chicken     9.25
Crispy Orange Chicken or Beef             9.25

Foo Yung

(Our own fluffy version this classic Cantonese Omelette)

Roast Pork or Shrimp 9.25



Blue Hawaiian

Mai Tai

Pina Colada

Suffering Bastard

Moscow Mules



Soft Drinks