Monday to Friday 11:30am ā€“ 3pm

Clear Japanese
Hot nā€™ Sour        
Egg Flower         

2 Tasty Asian Sandwich Buns or 3 Tacos with Sweet Soy  and  Spicy Sirachi .
Crispy Katsu White Chicken     
Crispy Tempura Shrimp            
Korean Grilled Beef                   

Ramen or Udon Soup

Ramen or Udon Noodle Soup      
Broth: Miso, Spicy kimchi, or  Spicy Thai Coconut Curry
Add :Tofu Beef Chicken Shrimp Pork Extra Noodles Clams  Crab Rangoon Crab Stick Tempura Shrimp

Luncheon Salad
Chicken Sate with Soba and Salad 

Chicken Kushiyaki Lunch Box

Lunch Boxes (Sorry not for Carry Out)
Served with Soup, Crispy Tempura Vegetables, Salad  & Rice

Tempura Shrimp                                             
Katsu Chicken                                                 
Combo Kushiyaki or Sate Skewers                    
Sushi Lunch Box GF                                      
Maki Lunch Box  GF                                       

Sushi Specials
Sushi Lunch           
Maki Lunch             
Sashimi Lunch        
Sushi & Salad         

Foo Yung Our own fluffy version of this classic
Cantonese omelette. Roast Pork or Shrimp  8.95

Wok Bowls
Served  over Steamed Rice or over Fresh Noodles.
Canton Shrimp and Snow Peas  GF        
Shrimp, Chicken & fresh vegetables      
Tofu & vegetables   Cantonese GF,        
Thai Curry  GF  or Spicy Hunan
Spicy Peking shrimp, chicken & peanuts 
Thai coconut curry Beef or Chicken    
Crispy Orange Chicken or Beef            

Foo Yung

(Our own fluffy version this classic Cantonese Omelette)

Roast Pork or Shrimp